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February 19, 2013

  • WINTER CONCERT: Our winter concert is scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd at 4 p.m. at Christ Lutheran Church (on Broadway between C470 and Highlands Ranch Parkway). Students should arrive at 3:30 for warm ups, CAKE will be served afterward. Disney music is featured for this event, so everyone bring their Zip-a-dee Doo Dah with them! If siblings (or parents) would like to wear their Disney duds, that's totally wonderful! It's all about the magic.

  • SPRING BREAK: I will be taking spring break alongside Douglas County schools this year. There will be no lessons the week of March 25-29th.

  • OPENINGS: I have a few openings for spring, particularly on Tuesdays. If you know someone who has been wanting to take voice, please let them know.

January 7, 2013

  • LESSONS RESUME Monday, January 7th. The new calendar of holidays and break weeks is listed on the front page and schedule page of my web site as well as listed below.

  • OPENINGS: I have a few openings for spring, particularly on Tuesdays. If you know something who has been wanting to take voice, please let them know.

  • Schedule for 2013: I WILL teach Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day, but not Memorial or Labor Days. Also, I teach on staff development days at the public school system. If your student will not be coming to their lessons on these holidays or on staff development days, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise you will be charged for the lesson. I will be taking holidays & breaks through out the year as follows:

    SPRING BREAK: March 25-29
    MEMORIAL DAY: Monday, May 28 (last week of teaching for the school year)
    JUNE LESSONS: June 3-27, by appointment only
    SUMMER BREAK: July 1-August 11
    REGULAR SCHEDULE: Resumes August 12
    LABOR DAY: Monday, September 2
    FALL BREAK: October 14-18
    THANKSGIVING WEEK: Mon-Fri, November 25-29
    WINTER BREAK: December 17-January 6
    2014 LESSONS: Resume January 6

August 4, 2012

  • AUDITION PREP APPOINTMENTS: Tuesday August 7th and Wednesday August 8th I will teach BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to help prepare those getting ready for late August auditions so we avoid the "OMG, AUDITIONS ARE NEXT WEEK?" panic. The regular schedule will resume on Monday, August 20th.

  • FALL LESSONS: Regular lessons will resume Monday, August 20. I have quite a few openings this session, so if you would like to change time slots or know someone who has been wanting to get into my studio, now is the time! Check out my updated schedule here.

  • LABOR DAY: As most families go out of town or have family gatherings on Labor Day, I will not have regular lessons on Monday, September 3.

  • FALL BREAK: Mark your calendar NOW. I will be taking two weeks for fall break this year. As many of you know, we have had a pretty rough two years in our home, so my husband and I are going away for two weeks, from October 15-25, with lessons resuming Monday, October 29th.

  • FALL CONCERT: Our fall concert will be Friday, November 9th (assuming there are no auditions this night). This is traditionally the "One Minute Audition" concert, however, we may mix in a few extra goodies this time. And don't forget ... CAKE!

April 23, 2012

  • CAMELOT Performance Now's production of Camelot closes Sunday, April 29th. If you'd like to come see me (I'm Lady Ann), there are still some tickets available (particularly for this Thursday). This is a timeless tale with spectacular music ... and sword fights.

  • CYT TECH WEEKS: Music Man tech week is this week (April 23-27) and Millie is May 7-11th. PLEASE let me know ASAP if your student will be coming to lessons that week so I can plan accordingly. I look forward to seeing Music Man this week for the school day performance and Millie during the run of the show. These are terrific family shows, you can purchase tickets at CYTDenver.org.

  • SPRING CONCERT: Our spring concert will be Friday, June 1st. Who is up for a pot luck picnic before ... either at the church in the fellowship hall or across the street at Northridge Park?

  • JUNE LESSONS: June lessons will be on Thursdays only. Please let me know ASAP if your student would like to take lessons in June (I've heard from a few of you, but not many).

  • RESUMING IN AUGUST: Due to my daughter Amy getting married in August, I will be resuming for fall a little differently. The week of Aug 6-9 I will teach BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to help prepare those getting ready for late August auditions. The regular schedule will resume on Monday, August 20th. As we get closer to that time, we can tinker with scheduling and appointments, but please keep this in mind to avoid the "OMG, auditions are next week?!" panic.

January 8, 2012

  • WELCOME BACK: Happy New Year and welcome back to voice lessons. We begin on Monday, January 9th on the regular schedule.

  • UPCOMING HOLIDAYS: I will teach on Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 16) and Presidents Day (Monday, February 20). If your student will not be coming, please let me know ASAP, so I can plan accordingly. I do NOT take off school district staff development days. I will, however, take periodic breaks and holidays throughout the year. They are listed at the bottom of schedule page. Please mark these dates on your calender.

  • UPCOMING SHOWS: There are lots of opportunities to attend family friendly live theater coming up, including: Inspire Creative's Oliver! (Jan 7-15) at the new PACE Center in parker (inspirecreative.org) and CYT's productions of Mulan and Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (cytdenver.org). If you/your student are participating in a live theater event, please be sure to let me know so I can promote it to the rest of my studio.

  • OPENINGS: I've had some shifting around, so if you would like to change your day/time this is a good time. I also have some openings, so if there is a friend or sibling who has been waiting to take lessons, please have them give me a call or drop me an email.

  • MONTHLY CHECKS: Payment for January is due this week, please send checks with our students. For your convenience, January has 4 Mondays ($100), 4 Tuesdays ($100), 3 Wednesdays ($75), and 3 Thursdays ($75). Also, there are still a few of you who have not sent payment from the end of the year. As a reminder, payment is due at the beginning of the month (unless we've made other arrangements). Absenses with less than 24 hours notice are charged the full amount ($25) of a lesson, no shows (no notice) are charged $30.

November 1, 2011

  • PRODUCTION WEEK: CYT parents involved in production/tech week for your shows this weekend, please drop me a note if your child will NOT be here for lessons this week. Everyone else ... this weekend be sure to go see The Pirates of Penzance and Hello Dolly!. Tickets are available at a cytdenver.org (Sorry I missed Scrooge at Parker). Also AO1 is presenting Peter Pan the following weekend and Oliver with Inspire Creative runs December 2nd-11th. Rocky Heights' Into the Woods is December 1 & 2.

  • CONCERT REMINDER: Our fall concert will be Sunday, November 13th at 4 p.m. at Christ Lutheran Church. This is the annual "One Minute Audition" concert which is over almost before it starts, so don't be late! And, as always, cake will be involved! Students will need to arrive 30 minutes before the official start, wear appropriate audition clothing, and be prepared to SHINE!

  • FIRST OF THE MONTH: If you pay monthly, please send checks for November with your student this week. Some of you are ahead, and I will drop you a note ASAP so that you don't overpay. As I am taking the week of Thanksgiving off, it breaks down liket his: Mondays-3 ($75), Tuesdays-4 ($100), Wednesdays-4 ($100), and Thursdays-3 ($75).

  • THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS BREAK REMINDER: I will be taking the week of Thanksgiving (November 21-24) off to spend time with my family. Please mark your calendars and have a GREAT holiday! Christmas/New Year break will begin December 19th and I will begin teaching again January 9th. (It's hard to believe we are so close to the end of the year already!) If the world becomes too hectic the week of Dec. 12-15th, please let me know.

  • OPENINGS: I do still have a few prime time openings if a sibling or friend has been looking to start voice lessons. GREAT Christmas gift! Check the schedule here.

October 2, 2011

  • FALL BREAK: I will be taking a fall break along side Douglas County Schools the week of Oct 17-21. Please mark this week on your calendar as a week when I will not be teaching and will be out of town. Thanks!

  • FIRST OF THE MONTH! If you pay monthly, please send checks for October with your student this week. I appreciate everyone's patience while I caught up with my bookkeeping from last spring. If you were behind, I have already notified you by email. If you were ahead, I'll send you a note this week, so you don't write your check for too much. Everyone else, the month of October breaks down like this (I have excluded the break week): Mondays-4 ($100), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays-3 ($75). As always, payment received at the beginning of the month is appreciated.

  • FALL CONCERT: Sunday, November 13th at 4 p.m. appears to be the best time to schedule our Fall Student Concert (the Bronco game is Thursday and I think most of the shows will be finished). This will once again be the very popular one-minute audition concert. That means each student will perform a one minute excerpt from one of the pieces they are currently working on. After looking at performance schedules (argh!), 4 p.m. on Sunday, November 13th seems the most feasible, probably. If this is a bad time for you or your family, please let me know as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing everyone ... and remember ... CAKE!

  • UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS: Congratulations to all my students currently cast in productions around town. Wow! What a talented bunch you are! Fall productions include Meet Me in St. Louis with Performance Now (Meredith Knudson is Tootie), Peter Pan with AO1 (Ellie Ferguson is Wendy), Into the Woods at Rocky Heights Middle School (Allie Conner is the Witch), Oliver with Inspire Creative (Sylvie Johnson is an orphan and a Londoner) and my vocal studio is very well represented in CYT's productions of, Scrooge, Hello Dolly!, and The Pirates of Penzance.. (If I missed someone, please let me know)

  • OPENINGS: I do still have a few prime time openings if a sibling or friend has been looking to start voice lessons. Check the schedule here.

  • REST OF THE YEAR SCHEDULE: Just a reminder of holidays for the rest of the year, please make note on your calendar:

    Fall Break: October 17-21
    Thanksgiving Break: Mon-Fri, November 21-25
    Winter Break: Dec 19-Jan 9

August 12, 2011

  • FALL LESSONS: Fall lessons begin Monday, August 15th. If you have not already notified me, let me know if your student wants to keep their time or make a change and also if they are ready to begin this week. I'm excited! I've missed my students!

  • LESSON OPENINGS: I still have a few openings, so if you or a friend have been waiting to begin voice lessons, now is a great time to get in!

  • AUDITIONS: There are a great many auditions coming up, including The Pirates of Penzance, Hello Dolly!, and Scrooge, all with CYT. Performance Now is holding auditions for High Society in September (production in February, directed by the fabulous Bernie Cardell) where there is a role for a 9-12 year old girl. Later in the school year they will be doing West Side Story and Footloose. It's a great idea to get on their audition email list if your student is interested in performing with them. Please keep me informed as to what shows you/your student are auditioning/performing for.

  • STUDIO POLICIES: As we begin a new school year, please look over my Studio Policies again as a refresher and to start the year off well. Watch for a new registration form in the next few weeks as this is a good time to update my records.

  • CHECK IT OUT: I am currently reading a great, free ebook online called "31 Days to Better Practicing." It can be found here and might be a great addition to Back to School activities, maybe for family reading time together as a lot can be accomplished together. "If you're learning an instrument and you want to improve your playing, learn music, or get more enjoyment out of playing, the one thing you need to do above all else is practice." ~Dr. Chris Foley

  • ABSENCE & CANCELLATION POLICY: ABSENCE REMINDER: Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance of a student's absense so that I can substitute someone from the waiting list for that lesson. If notice is less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the lesson. No shows (absence without notice) will be charged $30 each occurrence. Thank you for your understanding.

May 20, 2011

  • SUMMER: Due to a death in the family, I will break for summer immediately as we will need to travel to Texas next week. I've decided not to teach this summer due to do this and other family health issues. We will start up again in mid-August. If you will need to change days/times, let me know. I'll start changing the schedule around sometime this summer as I know the comings and goings.

  • SPRING CONCERT: What a terrific job you all did! Congratulations. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and compliments on your performances. If anyone has photographs or videos from the concert, I would love to see them. The next one will be planned for November, our famous (infamous) Short & Sweet Concert where students do only a one minute cut of a song, audition style.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to all you grads! I'm so proud of you.

  • THANK YOU for a terrific school year, and I look forward to seeing you all in August.

April 25, 2011


    PICNIC: Because of our ridiculous weather (and other factors) this year, we've decided to skip the picnic. Executive decision today ... when it started snowing again. Sorry, we'll try again next year.

    CONCERT: The concert will begin at 5 p.m. at Christ Lutheran (the usual venue @8997 S. Broadway,Highlands Ranch) with CAKE to follow in the narthex/entryway of the church. There will be other groups at the church that evening, so we won't have it all to ourselves this time, but we do have the sanctuary and narthex for our use.

    I'M EXCITED and hope to see as many of you there as possible!

March 3, 2011

  • THE WINTER CONCERT was a great success! I'm so proud of my students who performed and grateful to family and friends for attending and cheering enthusiastically. Those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you! The final concert of the school year will be in late April-early May (depending on everyone's production schedules). I will get info out to you as soon as I get it all set up. And, remember ... CAKE!

  • GOOD LUCK to those auditioning this weekend for CYT's Fiddler and Aladdin. I will not be doing my usual Friday audition practice session, as I will be out of town until Sunday.

    • The casts of CYT's Aladdin and Fiddler on the Roof
    • Katie Rudolph, All Shook Up at ThunderRidge
    • Ellie Ferguson, made the finals of Stars of Tomorrow
    • Logan Schurr, Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Rocky Heights
    • Alexandra Conner, Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Milie at Rocky Heights
    • Quincy Schurr, Grease at Rock Canyon.

  • SPRING BREAK: I will be taking a spring break along side Douglas County schools this year, so there will be no lessons March 21-25th.

  • THANK YOU to all who attended The Sound of Music. It was so exciting to see so many of you come to support me and Performance Now. I was very proud of the production and thrilled to see so many of you there.

  • ABSENCE REMINDER: Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance of a student's absense. This is crucial to my being able to substitute someone from the waiting list. No shows (absence without notice) will be charged $30 each occurrence.

January 29, 2011

  • UPCOMING CONCERT:Our next student concert will be Sunday, March 6 from 4-6 p.m. at Christ Lutheran Church on Broadway. The theme is "Let's Go to the Movies" with songs from movie soundtracks. And yes. CAKE!

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Katie Rudolph, in ThunderRidge High School'sGo Ask Alice, Ellie Ferguson in AO1'sAladdin, and the casts of CYT Parker'sCinderella,CYT Highlands Ranch'sHonk,and CYT Littleton's Oliver!Well done, everyone!

  • CONGRATULATIONS to those who performed at ThesCon in December. I hear wonderful things about the experience from both spectators and participants. Also Congratulations toto my seniors auditioning for colleges. I'm so proud of you all and the hard work you've done over the years.

  • GET YOUR TICKETS NOWto see me as the Mother Abbess! Performance Now's production ofThe Sound of Musicis selling out quickly. They anticipate it will be sold out entirely by opening night (Feb 11). The show runs Feb 11 through Feb 27, and is perfect for the whole family. Ticket information can be found atPerformanceNow.orgor call the box office at 303-987-7845.

October 12, 2010

Welcome Fall! We thought you'd never get here!

That said, there's lots coming up .

  • FALL BREAK: No lessons next week (Oct.18-21) as I will be taking Fall Break since so many students will be gone and in tech week. We will resume regular lessons on Monday, Oct. 25.

  • FALL CONCERT: Our fall concert will be Sun, November 7 at 5 p.m. at Christ Lutheran. This is short & sweet concert, with students doing 1 minute cuts of songs and then cake!

    CYT Parker = Willy Wonka Jr. (October 22, 23, 29, 30)
    CYT Highlands Ranch = Guys & Dolls, Jr. (October 22 & 23)
    CYT Littleton = Beauty & the Beast (November 12 & 13)
    Rocky Heights Middle School = Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Nov 5 & 6)

  • THANKSGIVING: I will take off all of Thanksgiving week (November 22-26), as that tends to be a very busy time for everyone.

August 3, 2010

Welcome back! I hope you had a great summer, I've missed you all.

  • FALL LESSONS! Fall lessons begin next Monday, August 9th. We will start right in with the School Year Schedule as posted (attached below or go to http://vickipierce.com/schedule.html). Please let me know ASAP if you want to keep your current spot and if you would like to begin this week or later.

  • PRICE CHANGE: Half hour lessons are now $25/lesson, no shows (missed lesson without notice) will be $30. I recognize this might be a hardship for some, particularly those with more than one student in my studio. Don't panic. If this is a problem, let me know, and we'll work something out.

  • WAITING LIST STUDENTS: I am expecting an opening or two this fall and will notify you as soon as I have that information. Also, some students prefer to wait until September to begin, so I may have some August availability.

  • AUDITIONS: Auditions for CYT Parker & Highlands Ranch shows are Friday, August 27th. I will open my studio doors that day from 3-5 p.m. for anyone who would like to drop by and run through their audition one more time. There is no charge for this, and you do not have to be a student in my studio to take advantage of this opportunity (you can bring your friends). I'll have cookies & lemonade, too, cuz they are almost as good as cake.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca White, Josh Conner, and Annie Malin on being cast in Performance Now's fall production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, directed by CYT Artistic Director Gary Hathaway. I'm so proud of you!

  • SOUND OF MUSIC AUDITIONS: Performance Now's February production will be The Sound of Music. Auditions are in September, which is earlier than usual. Bernie Cardell (who directed King & I) will be directing. As soon as I have a specific audition date I will let you know. This is a great opportunity for younger students to audition for an adult show.

  • CONCERT SCHEDULE: I'd like to do three concerts again this year.
    Early November - One Minute Auditions
    February 2011 - Songs from Movies
    Late May-early June - Dinner & a Show

I will let you know as soon as I have definite dates for each of these.