Studio Policies

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Welcome to my studio! (Updated August 4, 2010)


Please be sure you have completed a registration form so that I have current contact & emergency information. You will need Adobe Reader - a free program - that you can get here

I've put together a list of studio policies to answer frequently asked questions. At the bottom are some brief expecatations for your student.

  • Mission
    My mission is to train both new and experienced singers, encouraging total musicianship and joy in the experience, as well as instill confidence and preparation for performances and auditions.

  • General Information
    Lessons are weekly for 30 minutes. Training will focus on breathing, posture, vocal flexibility, range, strength, musicianship, expression, and some movement.

    At your request, I can provide you with a written evaluation of your student's progress. Also, if you have any questions, contact me at or (303) 683-9867. I will check for messages frequently, but will not interrupt lesson times to take calls.

    A detailed schedule of holidays and breaks for this year can be found on the Schedule page, here.

  • Lesson Structure
    5 minutes Arrive & greet, discuss events (auditions, performances, productions, etc)
    10 minutes Vocal warm ups & exercises;
    15 minutes Learn and work on vocal pieces; look at new music

  • Cancellation Policy
    Please contact me (by email or phone) at least 24 hours in advance if your student cannot make their lesson. I reserve this time for your student weekly, and if I know in advance I can frequently schedule someone else to fill an absence. All cancellations (including illness) with less than 24 hour notice will be charged the full $25 lesson fee. No shows (absence with no notification) will be charged a $30 'no show fee' instead of the usual lesson rate. Thank you for your understanding.

    Rehearsal & performance weeks for shows: Rehearsal schedules are handed out at the first rehearsal, therefore, please notify me far in advance (by email or in writing) of rehearsals and performances that conflict with your scheduled lesson. Again, no shows will be charged a $30 fee.

  • Fees & Payment Options
    $25/half hour for weekly students

    I would PREFER payment for the month's lessons in advance, due the first week of the month. If this presents a problem, please contact me (303-683-9867 or email) and we can make special arrangements. Please make checks payable to Vicki Pierce. Cash is fine. And if you would like to use a credit card instead of cash or check, we can make arrangements through (I can help you set that up).

  • Guidelines for Drop-off, Pick-up
    Please be prompt. I do make a concerted effort to have your student in and out on time (I am not always successful, but I do try). If I am still clearly working with another student, it is okay for you to slip in quietly without knocking. Please be sure you see me inside before entering the house. If I am not at the piano, please ring the bell.

  • Communication
    Communication between us is important. I can be reached by email ( or phone (303-683-9867) if you have questions or concerns. I can also be reached by cell phone (303-956-6184). I do not answer the phone during lessons, so please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can. Please do not take up another student's lesson time by asking me specific questions about your student at the end of their lesson.

    Please be sure I have a current email address for you as this is a very good form of group and individual communication for me with my tight schedule. If your email bounces, you will miss important information. Please make sure is an accepted email address in your spam filter.

  • Visits
    Parents (and occasionally friends) are welcome to visit lessons at any time, however please be aware of your child's comfort or discomfort with your presence. It is their choice as to whether or not you visit.

  • Recording
    Due to the miracle of technology, I will be phasing out the use of cassettes for recording vocal exercises. However, it will take me some time to tweak the new process. Students who have iPods (classic & nano) are encouraged to bring them to lessons so that we can put their exercises directly on them. Please remind your student to bring their binder and a water bottle to each lesson.

  • Accompanists
    I will accompany the majority of music lessons and use prerecorded accompaniment CDs. When we are preparing for a musicale/recital, I may bring in a separate accompanist (if possible) for rehearsal and performance. I am always watchful for a competent accompanist who can play for special occasions, please let me know if you (or someone you know) would be willing to make recordings or accompany performances for a fee (or barter).

  • Performing
    Although performing is not required, I urge each student to do so as often as possible for the many benefits gained. The more often we get up in front of people, the less frightening it is and more enjoyable the experience becomes. The poise and confidence learned in public performance affects all parts of our lives. Performing also provides a goal to reach that encourages dedication, focus, and lots of practice; and equally important is the celebration of that achievement. (Applause never hurts... neither does cake!)

  • Recitals
    I will ATTEMPT to have two to three recitals per year, one in the fall, one early in the year (Jan-Feb), and one at the end of the school year (May-June). I am very good at keeping them short & sweet, approximately an hour, a little longer if you stay for cake (and cake is important!). I encourage all students to perform, if possible, for the reasons stated above, but also, this gives my students an opportunity to see and hear one another, get ideas on new music, and it is an opportunity for you, the parents, to see your child in a concert venue, which is very exciting. I will send out notice as soon as I have details for each event.

Student Information & Expectations

  • General Information
    Lessons are weekly for 30 minutes. Feel free to email me at or call me at (303) 683-9867 if you have music requests, auditions, questions, or just to check in. Please keep me up on auditions & performances in which you are involved.

  • Lesson Structure
    5 minutes Arrive & greet, breathing exercises
    10 minutes Vocal warm ups & exercises;
    15 minutes Learn and work on vocal pieces; look at new music

  • Student Responsibilities

    • Lessons: Please bring water and your notebook every week. If you have an iPod, please bring that as well. (For those who do not have one, we'll use CD's when needed)

    • Practice: Vocal excercises and songs 3-5 times a week for optimum improvement. Please do not work to the point of exhaustion.

    • Special Music: If you would like to work on a special piece (for school, church, with a friend), please bring it to your lesson.

    • Music Selection: Everyone's musical tastes are different, so if I assign a piece that you just don't like, it is your responsibility to let me know so that we can move onto something you enjoy. There will be times I will want you to work a song you might not like in order to help you conquer a specific skill.

    • Please show respect for other students. Positive support for each other is a must.

  • Pick Up & Drop Off
    Students, if you arrive before your lesson time or I am still working with another student, feel free to quietly slip in (without knocking) and take a seat in the living room or go back to the kitchen table if you wish to do homework or talk on your cell phone. If you do not see me at the piano, please ring the bell.